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Automatic gates are all the craze nowadays. At Kelly’s Automatic Gate Services, we offer excellent automatic gate repair services in Tampa.

We put our clients first and ensure that all of your gates are repaired and working perfectly. Reach out to us today for all your automatic gate needs.

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We Repair All Kinds Of Automatic Gates

We are thorough in whatever we do; our services include electric gate repair service, electric driveway repair in Tampa, and motor gate repair.
We will start with preventive maintenance to avoid your gate breaking since it has many moving parts that will break if not attended to in a long time. The gates need frequent lubrication and replacement of the bent or the broken leg.

An automatic gate is suitable for maximum security where they can work using the keypad, remote controls, and keyless control system. The most captivating thing about these types of gates is that you can access your property without opening it manually.

There’s nothing more frustrating than a faulty gate, this is why we ensure to provide the best automatic gate repair services in Tampa.

Other Services We Offer In Tampa, Florida

Solar Powered Automatic Gate Repairs

We are available where there is no power with solar gates. The solar gates operate just like the electric gates, and we can install and repair your wireless dual gate communication to eliminate driveway expenses. We offer electric driveway repair in Tampa to all your solar gates.

Electric Gate Repair Services

For over 40 years, we have carried out electric gate repair services with expertise in Tampa. We are masters in motor gate repair, installation, and electric gate services for commercial and residential gates.

Our electric gate repair service includes designing and installing industrial gates for driveways. With over 20 years of service, your automatic gate repair in Tampa can’t be in better hands than Kelly’s Automatic Gates Services.

Regular Gate Maintenance

Getting your gate maintained regularly will reduce the chances of regular repairs; it will work more efficiently and enhance the security of your home. We offer maintenance services at a discounted price, saving you money on electric gate repair services.

Get The Best Services For Your Automatic Gate

We handle faulty gate motor repairs at Kelly’s Automatic Gates Services, broken gate doors, and off-track gates.
We are experts in repairing all types of gates, assuring satisfactory results. Bringing back your gate to functionality is our middle name at your service; your estate is secure.

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If you are looking for automatic gate repair services in Tampa, call us today, and your gate will go back to functioning normally.