With technology quickly growing and evolving, automatic gate security in Tampa is fast becoming a popular safety option. Whether your home is in a safe neighborhood or a high-crime area, security is something you can never have enough of.

Automatic gates are the key to upgrading your home and commercial security, offering more protection and convenience than manual gates.


How Gate Automation Works

An automated gate is not your usual gate. Automatic gate installers in Tampa will install a motor and drive system on your gate, allowing for easy gate movement upon remote command.

Our reliable driveway gate installers for Tampa have to choose an operating system that works well with your gate. For instance, an automatic sliding gate will use a different operating system and set of commands from a swinging gate.

Only an expert can understand the compatibility of gates and their operating systems, so you need to call trusted automatic gate installers in Tampa with experience in installation.


Why Automate Your Gates In Tampa?

Better Security

Calling your reliable automatic gate installers in Tampa Bay Area is the first step towards choosing higher security for your home and property. This is because, compared to other manual gate options, the automatic gate offers more protection.

For instance, while one can break a manual gate while you are at work, an automatic gate will alert you on any activity, allowing you to take measures such as setting off the alarm. It also allows you to allow or deny access to your home consciously.


More Automation Security Options

Automatic gate security in Tampa comes in many forms in that you can incorporate your preferred form of automation. With the help of qualified automatic gates installers in Tampa, you can choose between having :

  • A keypad on the gate: a password acts as a key, and upon keying it in, the gate opens
  • Intercom: a guest presses a button, and they can contact you via audio or video for access which you can deny or grant remotely, and the gate opens
  • Face recognition: anyone entering through the gate must be authorized, and their face is recognized by the system for the gate to open
  • Number plate recognition: Just like face recognition, but for vehicles. A lens on the gate will scan the plate of an oncoming car, and it will either open or send an alert to you for authorization

All of these options provide you with unmatched automatic gate security.



As the best automatic gate installers in Tampa, we also offer an option of gates with remote control operation. You can open or close your gate remotely from anywhere in the world.

With such advancement, you do not need to get out of your home to let someone through the gate. An automated gate’s self-moving mechanism automatically eliminates the need for a guard. If you are looking for convenience, an automatic gate is the best option.


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Automatic gate security in Tampa is the real deal when it comes to ensuring your property, family, and pets are safe no matter where you are. You can get the best automatic gate systems at Kelly’s Automatic Gate Services. Call us today!