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Over 40+ Years Experience

Since 1975 we have been supplying solutions for Automatic Driveway Gate systems for residential, and industrial fields as well as for pedestrian and vehicle access control.

Kelly’s Gate Service is a gate automation company; that is our slogan and that’s what we specialize in. Whether you have an existing gate or you’re getting a new gate from a third party such as a local welder, handyman, or a contractor, don’t settle for any other company to automate this gate for you. 

Our Services

Automatic Gate System

Here at Kelly’s Automatic Gates, we provide gate system repairs including design and electrical installation of driveway or industrial gates.

Services and Repairs

Having a problem with your driveway Automatic Gate System? The experts at Kelly’s can take a look at your gate system for any repair services needed.

Solar Gate System

We can help you pick the right solar gate system for your residential home or commercial business. Give us a call for more info!

Preventive Maintenance

Prevent yourself from ever being stuck at the gate! Save time and money in the long run by choosing Kelly’s Automatic Gate Service!

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Learn More about the Services We Offer

We are the experts in the repair service and installation of residential and commercial electric gates, security gates, automatic gates, commercial gates, motorized gates, remote gates and more.

Driveway Gates

We will help you install the electrical components of four main types of driveway gates including; single swing, dual swing, and sliding gates.

Gate Opener

We provide affordable automatic gate services for top of the line automatic gate openers, electric, gates driveway gates at a great price here at Kelly’s Automatic Gate Service.

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About Our Automatic Gate System Services

Kelly’s automatic Gate Service provides repair and installation work on most automatic gate systems focusing on the electrical components involved. Whether you own a commercial or residential automatic gate, one of our expert technicians can come to your property. We repair gates that are motorized to include driveway gate openers and automatic gates.

Repairing your Automatic Gate System

Our trained repairmen have the technical knowledge to expertly inspect your residential or commercial system. If your gate breaks down, we can take care of that as well.  Since customer satisfaction is our number one priority, we are open at all hours, offering 24/7 emergency service. If we’ve done your residential gate installation, we guarantee that we can have you up and running quickly.

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